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We are changing it up this season, programming the 6 weeks of Beginner/Intermediate Heels into a short course-like structure. What does this mean for you? We will be breaking all things HEELS down during the 6 weeks & progressively increasingly the difficulty of the routines and skills learned (aka first lesson is absolute beginner friendly & last lesson will be more inline with a intermediate level routine). This is perfect opportunity for those new to dancing in heels to be guided through the most popular & important skills/technique, as well as an opportunity for the more experienced dancers to revisit, up-skill the basics...cause we always have something to improve on ;)

During the season you will learn...

- Basic heels technique (including how to walk, bevel, pivot, step ball change & turn)

- Most common heels moves (over 20 of them!)

- Basic floor-work technique 

- Musicality and dynamics development 

- *fire emoji* choreography

- To channel your sensual energy and build confidence within


There will be two payment options for this season of heels. Casual passes and a full season pass; The season pass (which is paid in full) will give you access to all 6 classes at a discounted rate of $20 per class or if commitment isn't your thing... just drop in any week at $25 per class.

PLEASE NOTE.. DRSL Coaching will be on vacation soon, therefore, SEASON V is projected to start mid October. Course info & dates to be released soon...In the mean time jump into our pop up casual classes/workshops listed below.