At DRSL Coaching we aim to foster an environment that OOZES inclusivity.

Our members feelings of belonging and respect are so much more important to us than how fast they can pick up choreography or which level choose in an exercise. We want people to enter our space and immediately know that regardless of their race, gender, body, sexual orientation, ability, class or background, this is a place where they can meet their goals, make friends and find community, all at their own pace. 

In fact, we’re willing to go one step further - we want people to feel welcome, not regardless of their identities, but because of who they are and the unique traditions, languages, practises and values they bring into the space. To us, inclusion is about affirmative celebration of identity, human spirit, and diverse physical capabilities.


To foster a safer space for all, DRSL Coaching commits to:


  • Consciously learning pronouns of all DRSL members and correct use of such

  • Inclusive, gender neutral language online and offline

  • Compassionate call-ins and vigilant allyship

  • Active opposition of hateful and discriminatory behaviour in the wider dance, pilates and wellness community

  • Disrupting fatphobic and sizeist narratives about who is welcome in a dance or fitness space

  • Modifying spaces, movements or language, where possible, to be accessible to all bodies


Just as DRSL staff are committed to engaging in an inclusive environment, we also expect ALL MEMBERS to encourage and actively participate in making DRSL a safe and welcoming space for all. Any anti-social behaviour, abuse (in any form), bullying, put-downs or other negative behaviour (both in-person or online) will result in being ask to leave class (without any refund) and potential further bans on attending future classes.

We embrace the challenges and the continued learnings of this journey and are constantly searching for ways to do better for our community. We welcome feedback and call-ins and continue to work in allyship with marginalized people.


By purchasing services or booking with DRSL Coaching you agree to abide by the conditions of the Inclusivity Policy set out above.