welcome to late night love sessions 

what is lnl?

Collaboratively created by Boogie Series and DRSL Coaching, LNL is an evening of love for yourself through the medium of movement. Focusing on the pillars of embodiment, expression and empowerment, over two sessions you will be guided through both dance & non-movement development exercises, before slowly embodying a routine and filming a visual which will turn into a digital keepsake. 


A session to connect, create and step out of your comfort zone and onto the dancefloor, you will leave the experience with new skills, new connections & most importantly a new understanding of self-love. Come shake out the week, the year or the last 18 months - with an inspiring and encouraging community of like-minded individuals.

when & where is lnl?

There are TWO evening sessions involved in LNL. The dates & times of the two sessions are as follows...

PART ONE: Thursday 2nd of December, 2021

PART TWO: Thursday 9th of December, 2021

Both sessions will be held at Circle Studios Prahran (Level 1/36 St Edmonds Rd, Prahran VIC 3181). This event is not affiliated with Circle Studios, therefore, please direct any inquires or booking issues to drslcoaching@gmail.com

Who will be running the sessions?

Both Naomi Duroselle from DRSL Coaching & Kat Angelidis from Boogie Series, will be running each LNL session.

how much does lnl cost?

$80 for both sessions (5hrs worth of class).

how are the two sessions structured? 

The night is broken down into 3 stages. 'Awakening the mind', 'Awakening the body' and finally 'Awakening the mind - body connection'. We will have so much fun together starting with Part ONE where we will introduce LNL to you and get to know the fellow movers who have joined you in this experience, all followed by being guided into both movement and non-movement development exercises. Once all three stages are ticked off, we take the rest of the session to learn the routine. You will leave Part ONE with new connections, new skills and a routine to practice over the next 7 days (don't worry you will have access to video content of the routine). 

The next week you will arrive back for Part TWO. Again going through the 3 stages of awakening first, we then revise the routine and spend the rest of the session dancing it out to the camera. There will be group shots as well as opportunities for trios and solos. At LNL, everyone gets their spotlight moment. 

Once the footage taken is edited, we will share with you all the content including solos so that each mover has their own visual keepsake of the experience. 

What style & level of dance will be explored?

LNL is COMPLETELY BEGINNER FRIENDLY. We have so much time to learn 1 routine, not to mention you will have another 7 days in-between sessions to practice before our filming commences. You will be supported every step of the way both by your mentors and peers in each session. Sometimes we can't quite label our combined style, however it will be along the lines of commercial dance. Think empowering, sexy, feminine music video vibes. 

What will i need to wear & bring?

An email closer to the event date will outline any specifics including costume guidelines for filming. However, for each session you will need to bring a pen, water bottle, small meal or snack and an open mind! We recommend wearing comfy clothes you can move freely in which also cover the knees (re; floor work) and sneakers or other suitable footwear.

For those more experienced dancers who want a challenge, please bring a pair of suitable heels. See FAQ for what classifies as suitable.

got more questions? no stress! email us at drslcoaching@gmail.com

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